Somewhere claiming the day: Buccaneer Jo and his swabby, Privateer Greg

This is Us

Moving anywhere will always be a move forward in some way or another. Whether it’s an illusional escape to the local bush lodge or totally fleeing the country and exploring the escarpments of some mega city.

Thus, me and my guy decided to turn to privateering Рyou know, that humble occupation of soaring the unknown seas, unbound by the laws and expectations of the establishment, looking for lost treasure… arr!

Hi there, my name is Johannes, aka Buccaneer Jo, recently turned life-pirate on a mission to escape the mundane and create an adventure for myself and my swabby.

I work on a Mac everyday, faking design, and I keep myself going with coffee. Even in this digital age I keep a notebook with me on my desk, filling up one page a week with the odd reminder and nonsensical scribbles.

My swabby, Gregory, aka Privateer Greg, drives around in his Suzuki Swift from client to client, connecting computers and servers and stealing teaspoons (pirate!).

We have set ourselves out to jump ship and explore the deep wide ocean of the world, seeking to loot and boot experiences of our new found freedom and claim our own stake at life.

I thus welcome you to the adventures of two swabbies escaping the kraken claws of the establishment. This is Buccaneer Jo and his swabby, Privateer Greg.

To err is human, to arr is piracy!

The Facts

  • South African
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Main Photo Editor (Mobile): Snapseed, Moldiv

Buccaneer Jo

  • Name: Johannes
  • Male
  • Just over 35
  • Languages: Afrikaans (Mother Tongue), English
  • Graphic Designer (calls himself a Visual Communications Engineer)
  • Countries Visited: 15

Privateer Greg

  • Name: Gregory
  • Male
  • Just 30
  • Languages: Afrikaans (Mother Tongue), English
  • Networks Technician
  • Countries Visited: Confidential Information, Top Secret