Two swabbies escaping the kraken claws of the establishment: Buccaneer Jo and his swabby, Privateer Greg.

Out of the Kraken’s Claws!

At the dawn of 2016 I found myself asking this question. The question that nostalgically remembers the stability and comfort of one’s past, surveys the current environment and circumstances and breeds a soothsayer out of the kraken himself that blurts out a potential inevitable “end”: We will all soon be paid in avocados.

Its true! I saw the price of a pack of two small green avocados just the other day and already it predicts a future where an avo will be more precious than the country’s currency (almost like the time when Russians got paid with a weekly bottle of gherkins).


I won’t deny that this is the outlook of a rich man’s cynical pessimism, but seeing ones own currency loosing ground fast against the stable currencies of the world, ones own president refusing to pay the bills of his palace while (you get taxed just to go to work and) your maid struggles to find more jobs to pay the rent for her shack, your proud statues and campuses being burned down… and all this accumulating to a very “accommodating” student t-shirt proclaiming “#WhitesMustFall”, one does start to rethink and assess the situation: Quo Vadis?
No, I don’t know where we are going, but it did get me thinking: Just standing here is not going to get me anywhere!

Moving anywhere will always be a move forward in some way or another. Whether it’s an illusional escape to the local bush lodge or totally fleeing the country and exploring the escarpments of some mega city (maybe Dubai or the Big Apple).

But being paid in avos? Now that’s a stale mate!

So me and my guy decided to turn to privateering – you know, that humble occupation of soaring the unknown seas, unbound by the laws and expectations of the establishment, looking for lost treasure (Arr… agh okay, I know, the politically correct term would be “pirateering” and in the establishment’s big brother eyes lost treasure are called stolen goods, but hey, from now on me and my swabby aren’t limited to those institutional terms).

IMG_0030So we have set ourselves out to jump ship and explore the deep wide ocean of the world, seeking to loot and boot experiences of our new found freedom and claim our own stake at life.

We might not know where we are going, but hey “not all those who wonder are lost!” (I guess this means that some wanderers are seeking the “x” on a forgotten treasure map).

I thus welcome you to the adventures of two swabbies escaping the kraken claws of the establishment. This is Buccaneer Jo and his swabby, Privateer Greg. To err is human, to arr is piracy!

Peace Out!

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